R E S O L U T I O N                                      
                           AND STUDIES                                          
     The  Baltic  Assembly  positively  evaluating  the  existing               
Agreement on  Cooperation between  the States  in the  Sphere  of               
Higher Education  of the Ministry of Culture and Education of the               
Republic of Estonia, the Ministry of Education and Science of the               
Republic of  Latvia and  the Ministry of Education and Science of               
the Republic  of Lithuania  recommends to  the Baltic  Council of               
Ministers the following priorities of cooperation:                              
     1) to  coordinate positions concerning academic exchange and               
the development of joint scientific projects;                                   
     2) to  encourage the  cooperation  between  institutions  of               
science and  studies, organization of conferences, symposiums and               
other scientific events;                                                        
     3) to  establish general  priorities in  TEMPUS,  PHARE  and               
other projects of multilateral assistance;                                      
     4) to  prepare the  procedure for  recognizing in  all three               
States diplomas  of higher  education institutions,  diplomas  of               
academic degrees and certificates of academic scientific title;                 
     5) to  exchange information  about study programmes, centers               
and trends for post-graduate studies, institutions of science and               
studies which  have the  right to  confer  the  highest  academic               
degrees (habilitation); and                                                     
     6) to  organize an academic committee for the preparation of               
joint scientific  programmes for  the Baltic  States, issuance of               
joint  scientific   journals  and   works,   holding   of   joint               
conferences, especially in priority development areas.                          
Vilnius,13 November 1994