R E S O L U T I O N                                      
     The Baltic  Assembly,  positively  evaluating the "Agreement               
on Cooperation in the Sphere of Education" signed in 1990 by  the               
Ministries of  Culture and  Education of the Republic of Estonia,               
Republic of  Latvia and  Republic of  Lithuania, as  well as  the               
Protocol signed in April, 1994 and appended to the Agreement, and               
approving  of  the  basic  provisions  of  the  above  documents,               
emphasises the  following priority  spheres  of  cooperation  and               
recommends to the Baltic Council of Ministers to:                               
     1) coordinate positions and priorities in international fora               
and projects;                                                                   
     2) support  forms of education which would contribute to the               
development of   both the national and the Baltic identity in the               
consciousness of Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian youth;                        
     3)   establish a  procedure for recognising, on a reciprocal               
basis,  academic degrees and education diplomas;                                
     4)  coordinate   issues  related   to  the   publishing  and               
procurement  of  textbooks  for  ethnic  minorities      and  the               
production of teaching aids;                                                    
     5)   coordinate reforms  in the  educational  curriculum  of               
basic  subjects   including     foreign  languages,  mathematics,               
physics, chemistry and computer sciences;                                       
     6) ensure  that the  culture, history  and geography  of the               
neighbouring Baltic  States is  included in the basic educational               
     7)   promote cooperation  between education  administrators,               
school principals and representatives of Associations of teaching               
subjects; and                                                                   
     8) exchange  information about the legal acts regulating the               
educational activities and  their implementation.                               
Vilnius,13 November 1994