R E S O L U T I O N                                      
     The Baltic  Assembly,  positively  evaluating  the  existing               
Agreement of  the  Ministry  of  Culture  and  Education  of  the               
Republic of  Estonia, the  Ministry of Culture of the Republic of               
Latvia and  the Ministry  of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania               
on the  Cooperation between  the Baltic  States in  the Field  of               
Culture, recommends  to  the  Baltic  Council  of  Ministers  the               
following priorities of cultural cooperation:                                   
     1)  efforts  to  preserve  the  ethnic  uniqueness  of  each               
country, jointly  fostering and  popularizing the  traditions  of               
national culture;                                                               
     2) creation  of broad opportunities for gaining knowledge of               
the cultural  heritage  of  each  country  and  the  contemporary               
cultural values in all spheres of professional and amateur arts;                
     3) encouragement  of the  organization of joint cultural and               
art events, exchange of artists and their groups;                               
     4)  cooperation  in  organizing  and  holding  international               
competitions, festivals, exhibitions and other cultural events;                 
     5) cooperation  in  the  field  of  protection  of  cultural               
     6)  cooperation   between  libraries,   museums,  publishing               
houses, other cultural institutions;                                            
     7) cooperation  in the  fields of  television, cinema, audio               
and video art;                                                                  
     8)  exchange   of   information   about   cooperation   with               
international organizations and other countries;                                
     9) cooperation  concerning the  return of cultural items and               
objects, which  have been  illegally taken  away from  the Baltic               
States, to their rightful owners or their rightful heirs;                       
     10) cooperation  in  the  field  of  intellectual  property,               
especially  in   the  sphere  of  copyright  and  relations  with               
appropriate international organizations;                                        
     11) exchange  of information  about legal acts passed by the               
Baltic States in the field of culture and their implementation;                 
     12) support  of the  cultural heritage  of ethnic minorities               
(especially  of   the  indigenous  minorities:  setus,  livs  and               
karaites); and                                                                  
     13) efforts  to develop  cooperation in the fields of sport,               
tourism, youth exchange programmes.                                             
Vilnius,13 November 1994