REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA                                     
                       THE OCCUPYING REGIME                                     
     The Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania,                          
     stating that  the resistance  of the  people of Lithuania to               
aggression and  occupying regimes did not contradict the national               
and international law,                                                          
     emphasising  that  repressions  against  such  persons  were               
carried out  by the  USSR courts  and other bodies not related to               
court, the  courts of  Nazi Germany  and local courts, as well as               
the courts of the former Lithuanian SSR,                                        
     endeavouring to  eliminate the  consequences of  repressions               
and to restore justice,                                                         
     1.  To  declare  that  the  people  of  Lithuania  who  were               
sentenced or  imprisoned out  of court  by repressive  bodies, or               
their freedom  was curtailed under the Criminal Code of the RSFSR               
(1926), the  criminal laws  of  other  USSR  republics,  criminal               
regulations  of  Nazi  Germany  or  local  laws  (1941-1944)  for               
resistance to  aggression and  occupying regimes,  and also  were               
deported from Lithuania in 1940-1953 and sentenced under Articles               
62, 63,  66-68, 70,  73, 79-82,  88, 89,  199(1), 210, 211 of the               
Criminal Code of the former Lithuanian SSR, both in Lithuania and               
outside its  boundaries, are  innocent  before  the  Republic  of               
Lithuania and all their civil rights are hereby restored.                       
     The Supreme  Council of  the Republic  of Lithuania assesses               
the struggle  of the  participants in  the resistance movement as               
the expression of a nation's right to selfdefense.                              
     2. The  provision of Paragraph 1 hereof shall not be applied               
to persons  who participated  in the acts genocide, as well as in               
the massacre and torture of unarmed civilians.                                  
     3.  Certificates   concerning  the  sentence,  imprisonment,               
deportation or  other curtailing  of freedom  shall be  issued to               
persons referred to in Paragraph 1 hereof by:                                   
     a) the  Supreme Court  of the  Republic of  Lithuania --  to               
persons repressed by court institutions;                                        
     b) the  procuracy of the Republic of Lithuania -- to persons               
repressed out of court;                                                         
     c) the Ministry of Internal Affairs -- to deportees.                       
Vytautas Landsbergis                                                            
Supreme Council                                                                 
Republic of Lithuania                                                           
2 May 1990                                                                      
No. I-180