THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF                                    
                  THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA                                     
   Concerning the dismissal of initiated legal proceedings                      
                  13 October 1993, Vilnius                                      
      The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania,                    
composed  from  the  Justices of  the  Constitutional  Court                    
Algirdas  Gailiūnas,  Kęstutis  Lapinskas,  Pranas  Vytautas                    
Rasimavičius,  Stasys  Stačiokas, Teodora  Staugaitienė  and                    
Juozas Žilys,                                                                   
     the secretary of the hearing - Rolanda Stimbirytė,                         
     the party concerned  - the Seimas representative Juozas                    
      in court hearing, having examined the issue pertaining                    
to  the dismissal of the initiated legal proceedings of case                    
No 1,                                                                           
      The  petitioner  -  a group of the  Seimas  members  -                    
request  to  investigate  the compliance  of  the  provision                    
established in Part 2 of Article 137 of Chapter  IV  of  the                    
Seimas  Statute - "Radio and Television of the  Republic  of                    
Lithuania as well as national newspapers while reporting  on                    
the  Seimas sittings shall also release a communiquė.   Mass                    
media  reportings shall be devoid of comments on the  Seimas                    
activities"   -  with Articles 25 and 44 of the Constitution                    
of  the Republic of the Lithuania. The Seimas on October  12                    
1993  adopted the legal act "On the alteration  of   Article                    
137  of  the  Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania  Statute".                    
With  the  adoption  of this legal act the  Seimas  in  fact                    
abrogated the disputable legal act which is a ground for the                    
dismissal of the initiated legal proceedings of the case.                       
      Conforming to Part 4 of Article 69 of the Law  on  the                    
Constitutional Court, the Constitutional Court has taken the                    
     To dismiss the initiated legal proceedings of the case.                    
     Justices of the Constitutional Court:                                      
Algirdas  Gailiūnas               Kęstutis  Lapinskas                           
Pranas Vytautas Rasimavičius      Stasys    Stačiokas                           
Teodora   Staugaitienė            Juozas    Žilys