Republic of Lithuania                                     
 Law on Assignment and Transfer of Part of State Property to the                
         Ownership of Local Governments (Municipalities)                        
                        20 December, 1994                                       
                            No. I-713                                           
                      I. General provisions                                     
     Article 1.                                                                 
     Pursuant to  this law,  a part  of state  property shall  be               
assigned to  higher level  of local governments  to carry out the               
functions established  by law.  This  law  also  establishes  the               
procedure for the  transfer of said  property.                                  
     Article 2.                                                                 
     State property  shall be  transferred to  local  governments               
without compensation  or consideration  of the  place of location               
thereof, within  the territory  administrated  by  another  local               
     Some  objects   of  property   can  be  transferred  to  the               
jurisdiction of  more than  one local  government by the right of               
joint common ownership.                                                         
II. Composition of State Property to be Assigned to the Ownership               
              of Local Governments (Municipalities)                             
     Article 3.                                                                 
     The  following   property  shall  be  transferred  to  local               
     Enterprises the  founders of  which  are  local  governments               
(special purpose  companies, municipal enterprises and non-profit               
enterprises), as  well as  state shares held by local governments               
in these  enterprises,  and  municipal  shares  in  closed  stock               
     1) apartment maintenance and repair workshops (apartment and               
hostel and dormitory maintenance, emergency services);                          
     2) enterprises  of maintenance of general purpose facilities               
of municipal  economy (municipal  economy and  public utitilities               
services, road  and street engineering  equipment, communications               
maintenance and  repair  enterprises,  city  lighting  companies,               
landscaping  maintenance   services,    waste  water    treatment               
enterprises,  special   transport  enterprises,  enterprises  for               
decorative  greenery   growing  for  city  use,  life-saving  and               
cemetery care services);                                                        
     3) enterprises  of  household  public  services  (laundries,               
saunas, dry cleaners, hairdressing parlours);                                   
     4) retail  sale enterprises  (food shops   and  other retail               
sale companies);                                                                
     5) water supply companies (with the exception of independent               
industrial water supply companies);                                             
     6) heating companies;                                                      
     7) transportation utilities (bus and trolley-bus fleets);                  
     8) ritual services;                                                        
     9)  preventive disinfection services;                                      
     2. state  property (fixed  assets, material stock, financial               
resources, etc.) held  by the following municipal institutions:                 
1)  pre-school   and  kindergarten   institutions,  primary   and               
secondary schools  of general education, adults' schools, centres               
and youth schools;                                                              
     2)additional  (self-expression)   education   establishments               
(arts  and  music,  sports  training  schools,  student  centres,               
children's clubs,  station facilities  for technicians, tourists,               
     3) libraries;                                                              
     4) museums and galleries;                                                  
     5) institutions and clubs for leisure activities;                          
     6)  theatres   and    studios  for  theatrical  and  musical               
     7) municipal TV stations, local radio centres;                             
     8) local  hospitals, policlinics  with the status of a legal               
entity,  (regional  hospitals,  care  and  first-aid  facilities)               
short-term health care facilities  (city and regional clinics and               
short-term care,  medical stations  and   medical and obstetrical               
stations)   and other  local and  short-term primary  health care               
facilities, designated by  law ;                                                
     9) Public  primary   health care institutions established by               
     10) guardianship  and nursing  care  institutions  (indigent               
care and shelter facilities);                                                   
     11) institutions  of education, culture, primary health care               
and social guardianship services (centralised accounting offices,               
method formulator offices,  rural sections, and video-libraries);               
     3. Social purpose  facilities and other assets attributed to               
the sheets of local governments:                                                
     1)  non-privatised   apartment  fund  of  local  governments               
including, the  heating network,    a  part  of  the  underground               
communications  collectors   structure,  and    boiler  structure               
     2) premises of local governments, or  parts of buildings snd               
separate  offices   necessary  to   perform     local  government               
     3)   City and  settlement  facilities  for  general  purpose               
utilities  necessary   to  perform   the   functions   of   local               
     local   roads    and   side   streets   with   supplementary               
constructions (bridges, viaducts,                                               
     underground  and  surface    passages,  stairs,  bus  stops,               
support structures,  public transport stop areas, pavillions  and               
technical  equipment     for   traffic  regulation,   engineering               
equipment and communications);                                                  
     lighting oequipment for towns and settlements;                             
     green areas with buildings and facilities contained therein;               
     equipment and buildings for water reservoirs;                              
     water reservoirs  and network,  water pumping  and filtering               
stations, sewage networks, waste water networks;                                
     river  embankments   and  relevant   equipment  and   stream               
regulation buildings;                                                           
     beaches and  buildings, life-saving  stations with buildings               
and equipment;                                                                  
     cemeteries with buildings, greenery and equipment;                         
     decorative  vegetation    areas  for  city  general  purpose               
services and greenhouses;                                                       
     monuments, sculptures,  fountains and   small  architectural               
     waste dumping sites with access roads;                                     
     boiler houses and heating networks.                                        
     4)  sports   equipment  (sites,   stadiums  with  buildings,               
equipment etc.);                                                                
     5)   unfinished    buildings   (with    estimated   planning               
documentation)  necessary  to  perform  the  functions  of  local               
III. The Order of Transfer of Property Assigned to the Ownership                
              of Local Governments (Municipalities)                             
     Article 4.                                                                 
     According to  this law,  the Government  of Lithuania  shall               
transfer the  property assigned  to local  governments  to  every               
municipality separately through persons authorised by a decree.                 
     The  property   assigned  to   each  municipality  shall  be               
transferred,   pursuant   to   lists   specifying   services   of               
enterprises, offices and other immovable property, lists of long-               
term assets  and descriptions  of the  remaining balance value of               
property in cash, money in accounts of the banks of Lithuania and               
foreign countries  as well  as cash, (in litas as well as foreign               
currency) liabilities  to debtors and creditors, shares and other               
securities and short term assets in their monetary expression.                  
     Separate objects of  real property assigned to the ownership               
of local  governments pursuant  to paragraph  3 of Art. 3 of this               
law, shall  be transferred in accordance to a transfer-acceptance               
     Transfer registers   shall  be signed by a person authorised               
by the  Government of  Lithuania or mayor of the town or district               
                      IV. Final Provisions                                      
     Article 5.                                                                 
     The  right   of  ownership   of  local   government  to  the               
transferred real property property shall come into force from the               
legal registration thereof.                                                     
     Article 6.                                                                 
     Property shall  be managed,  used and  disposed of  by local               
governments on  the basis of the laws and other legal acts of the               
Republic of Lithuania.                                                          
     Article 7.  This law  shall be  enforced by  the Law  of the               
Republic of  Lithuania "On  the Enforcement  of the  "Law on  the               
Assignment  and  Transfer  of  Part  of  State  Property  to  the               
Ownership of Local Governments (Municipalities)".                               
     I promulgate  this Law  passed by the Seimas of the Republic               
of Lithuania.                                                                   
Algirdas Brazauskas                                                             
President of the Republic