R E S O L U T I O N                                      
     The contours  of new  defence structures  safeguarding world               
security are  becoming more  distinct. The  role  of  the  Baltic               
States in  the integration  processes of  Europe and the European               
collective  security   system  is  becoming  more  definite.  The               
implementation of  tasks that  arise from  the obligations of the               
Baltic States  to their  citizens and the international community               
requires  significant   expenditures,  serious   work  and   good               
coordination. This may be guaranteed by defence cooperation and a               
mutual assistance  agreement which  provides the  legal basis for               
cooperation between  the Baltic  States in the spheres of defence               
and national security.                                                          
     For this  purpose the Memorandum of Mutual Understanding was               
signed in  Visby, Sweden,  on 3  June 1994, wherein principles of               
cooperation in  the training  of Baltic  UN peace-keeping  forces               
were set  forth. In Copenhagen on 11 September 1994, Ministers of               
Defence of  Great Britain,  the Nordic and Baltic States signed a               
new Memorandum  of Understanding.  In Riga, on 13 September 1994,               
the Baltic  State Prime  Ministers signed  a trilateral agreement               
between   Estonia,    Latvia   and   Lithuania   concerning   the               
establishment and formation of a joint peace-keeping unit. At the               
present  time,   a  cooperation  agreement  between  the  Defence               
Ministry  of   Estonia,  Defence  Ministry  of  Latvia,  and  the               
Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence is being prepared.                      
     Bearing in mind the geopolitical situation in our region and               
the recent  statements and  obligations undertaken  by the Baltic               
Governments, the Baltic Assembly recommends to the Baltic Council               
of Ministers  to begin  the preparation  of a  defence  agreement               
between Estonia,  Latvia and  Lithuania,  and  to  sign  such  an               
agreement as soon as possible.                                                  
Vilnius,13 November 1994