Republic of Lithuania                                     
              Law on the Government Representative                              
                     1 July 1993  No. I-200                                     
     Article 1.  The Representative  of  the  Government  of  the               
Republic of  Lithuania shall  supervise the  compliance with  the               
Constitution and  laws of  the  Republic  of  Lithuania  and  the               
implementation of Government decrees by the local authorities.                  
     The Government  Representative must check whether or not the               
decisions taken  by collective and non-collective bodies of local               
authority violate  the rights  of citizens and organisations, and               
whether or  not the  officers of  local authority  implement  the               
decrees of the Government.                                                      
     Article 2.  The Government  Representative  shall  have  the               
right to:                                                                       
     1)  receive,   during  inspections,  the  originals  of  the               
decisions  taken  by  the  bodies  of  local  authority  and,  as               
necessary, explanations  of the  chief  officers  concerning  the               
purpose of  said decisions and the circumstances under which they               
were taken,  and the  ways and  means of their implementation; in               
other cases  - copies  of minutes of sessions and meetings and of               
adopted documents as well as other explanatory material;                        
     2) take part in the sessions of municipal councils, meetings               
of municipal  boards, speak at the above sessions and meetings on               
the subject  of  legality  of  the  drafts  under  consideration,               
propose  appropriate   amendments  if   there  are  instances  of               
infringement of   rights  of citizens  or organisations  or  non-               
compliance with  the Government  decrees; also  demand  that  the               
adoption of  a decision  be  suspended  if  it  is  necessary  to               
ascertain the legality of the adopted document;                                 
     3) provide  information to the municipal council members and               
local authority  officers on  the economic  and social, cultural,               
educational and  ecological programmes  of Government activities,               
give consultations on the implementation of the above programmes;               
     4) systematically  consider the  residents' applications and               
complaints, act  on them  in accordance  with his powers or refer               
them for  resolution to  other state or local authority bodies or               
officers according to their competence;                                         
     5) familiarise  himself with  the documents and notes of the               
Seimas and  Government of the Republic of Lithuania  in which the               
matters of appropriate local authorities are resolved;                          
     6) take part in the meetings of the Seimas and Government of               
the Republic  of Lithuania,  as well as in other events organised               
by state institutions at which the matters concerning local self-               
government or the work of local authorities are considered.                     
     Article  3.   Upon  concluding  that  the  decision  of  the               
municipal council  or board  or the  ordinance  of  the  district               
governor, city  mayor or  chief executive  violates the rights of               
citizens or  organisations or when the Government decrees are not               
being implemented,  the Government  Representative shall exercise               
his powers  choosing, as necessary, one of the following forms of               
     1) writing  a substantiated proposal to the head of the body               
which adopted  the decision  or ordinance and demanding immediate               
suspension of  the decision or ordinance and consideration of the               
issue of  its amendment  or revocation;   concurrently  informing               
thereof the superior body of local authority.                                   
     The   local   authorities   must   inform   the   Government               
Representative about  the results  of the  consideration  of  the               
proposal: in  case of  the council  decision  - within a month of               
the receipt  of the  proposal, in case of the acts adopted by the               
board or  acts which  were not  adopted   collectively - within a               
     2)  suspending  by  his  order  the  implementation  of  the               
disputable decision  and presenting  a substantiated demand which               
must be  immediately considered  at the session or meeting and on               
which a decision must be taken.                                                 
     Article 4.  The suspended  decisions of  the bodies of local               
authority   may not  be implemented  until the  dispute is  fully               
resolved by the local authority or by a court decision within the               
established time period.                                                        
     In all  cases the Government Representative and the superior               
body of  local   authority must be informed of the time and place               
of consideration of the demands of the Government Representative.               
In the  event that  a collective  body which  has  the  right  of               
revocation undertakes  the consideration  of the issue concerning               
the revocation  of an  ordinance or  order which  was not adopted               
collectively, the  Government Representative,  at the  request of               
the collective  body, shall  postpone for  the agreed time period               
the date of  implementation of his demand.                                      
     Article 5.  If the  municipal council  or board  refuses  to               
comply with  the demand of the Government Representative, as well               
as if  the above  institutions fail to revoke the disputable acts               
adopted by  the bodies  or  officers  subordinate  to  them,  the               
Government Representative shall appeal to court within three days               
for the revocation of such acts.                                                
     Article 6.  Every six  months the  Government Representative               
must present  information to the Government and appropriate local               
authorities stating   therein  whether  the  inspected  documents               
adopted by  local  authorities  are  lawful  and  specifying  his               
reaction to  disputable decisions,  as  well  as  indicating  the               
results of  consideration of  the presented  demands and  of  the               
settlement of disputes in court.                                                
     Article 7.  The Government Representative shall be appointed               
and removed  from office  by the Government on the recommendation               
of the Prime Minister.                                                          
     A person  who is  a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania and               
has a  diploma of higher education shall be appointed to the post               
of Government Representative.                                                   
     The Government Representative is government official. He may               
not hold  any other appointive or elective office, be employed in               
state,  public   or  private   business,  commercial   or   other               
institutions or  enterprises or  receive any  other  remuneration               
except his  salary fixed in accordance with his office as well as               
payment for creative work.                                                      
     Article 8.  The Government Representative shall be supported               
from the  State Budget. The scope and place of his work, material               
maintenance and  amount of  salary shall  be  determined  by  the               
I promulgate  this Law  passed by  the Seimas  of the Republic of               
President of the Republic               Algirdas Brazauskas