ON THE IMPLEMENTATION                                     
              OF THE LAW ON ELECTIONS TO THE SEIMAS                             
                  OF THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA                                  
     The Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania resolves:                 
     1. Earlier  registered political  parties shall register for               
elections  to   the  Seimas  of  the  Republic  of  Lithuania  by               
presenting to  the Ministry  of Justice  a party's application to               
register for  elections approved by the supreme body of the party               
according to its regulations. The Ministry of Justice must within               
3 days  verify whether the number of members and documents of the               
party correspond  to the  requirements of  the Law  on  Political               
Parties, and  register the  party for  elections,  or  demand  to               
present documents  which are  missing or  which have been changed               
from the  day of  the registration. After receiving the requisite               
documents, the  Ministry of  Justice must  no later than within 3               
days adopt a decision on the registration of the political party.               
     The refusal  to register  the political  party for elections               
may  be  appealed  to  the  Supreme  Court  of  the  Republic  of               
Lithuania.  The   Supreme  Court   shall  consider  the  complain               
according to an extraordinary legal procedure within 3 days.                    
     2. To  obligate the  Legal System  Committee of  the Supreme               
Council to  prepare amendments  to and supplements of laws of the               
Republic  of  Lithuania  which  provide  for  stricter  penalties               
imposed for  the violations of the Law on Elections to the Seimas               
of the Republic of Lithuania.                                                   
     3. A candidate for the Seimas deputy shall have the right of               
access to  the material which concerns him and which was formerly               
disposed of  by the KGB if the fact of existence of such material               
is announced publicly.                                                          
     4. Any  information about  a candidate for the Seimas deputy               
available to  the Ad  Hos Committee  for the Investigation of the               
USSR KGB  Activities in  Lithuania may be announced publicly from               
the day of the adoption of this resolution until elections to the               
Seimas only  when the  decision is adopted by two-thirds majority               
vote of  all members  of the  Committee. Such a candidate must be               
provided with  the possibility  to be  allotted 5  minutes of the               
state television time for an explanatory statement. An individual               
member of  the Committee  shall have  no right  to  announce  any               
information about  candidates to  the Seimas  deputies  which  is               
known to him.                                                                   
     5. To  explain that the activities specified in Article 5 of               
the Law "On the Examination of Mandates of the Deputies Suspected               
of Conscious  Cooperation with  Special Services of Other States"               
shall be  considered as conscious cooperation of a candidate with               
the KGB or other foreign special services.                                      
VYTAUTAS LANDSBERGIS                                                            
Supreme Council                                                                 
Republic of Lithuania                                                           
4 August 1992                                                                   
No. I-2820