R E S O L U T I O N                                      
           ON A JOINT PROGRAMME TO COMBAT TUBERCULOSIS                          
     The Baltic Assembly,                                                       
     taking  into   consideration  the   growing    incidence  of               
tuberculosis in  the Baltic  States   and the   spreading  of the               
disease across the boarders,                                                    
     entrusts   the Baltic  Council of  Ministers with  a duty to               
work out  and to  approve a  joint TB  combating  programme,  co-               
ordinating  their   efforts  with   the  Scandinavian  and  other               
countries,  including the following:                                            
     1) drafting of relevant legislative acts;                                  
     2)  optimising   of  medical  activities  and  TB-preventive               
measures through  the implementation   of  recommendations of the               
World Health  Organisation and the International Union against TB               
and Lung Diseases;                                                              
     3) involving  of international organisations, the Red Cross,               
state and  private authorities    in  the  implementation  of  TB               
combating programme;                                                            
     4) working  out of  social rehabilitation  programmes for TB               
Vilnius, 13 April 1996