on the Co-operation of the Baltic States in the Exploitation of                
         the Sea-bed and Coastal Areas of the Baltic Sea                        
     the Baltic Assembly                                                        
     being aware  that economic  operations on  the sea-bed or in               
its coastal  areas may affect the environmental conditions in the               
neighbouring countries or in the entire sea;                                    
     considering that  preventive  activities  may  minimise  the               
spreading of  pollution or  a potential  development of hazardous               
situations in the Baltic Sea basin,                                             
     intending to  prevent activities which could deteriorate the               
condition of the Baltic Sea environment,                                        
     recommends to the Baltic Council of Ministers to:                          
     improve mutual  co-operation in  designing and  constructing               
installations in the sea and its coastal areas, as well as ensure               
exchange of  all information  concerning said installations prior               
to the adoption of  relevant decisions;                                         
     ensure  that   the  HELCOM  recommendations  concerning  the               
protection of the sea-bed and the coastal areas of the Baltic Sea               
be observed  in the exploitation of the sea-bed and coastal areas               
of the Baltic Sea.                                                              
Vilnius, 13 April 1996