ON THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE END OF WORLD                          
                        WAR II IN EUROPE                                        
     The 50th  anniversary of  the end  of World War II in Europe               
and the  founding of the United Nations' Organization has special               
meaning for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.                                      
     In  the   name  of   their   long-suffering   nations,   the               
representatives of  Estonian, Latvian  and Lithuanian parliaments               
consider it  their duty to remind the whole world that the Baltic               
States were  also the  members of  the League of Nations who lost               
their independence  during World  War II.  Those who  founded the               
United Nations Organization consented to that act of violence for               
tens of  years. We  have to remind that already in 1940"1941 more               
than 100  000 citizens  of Estonia,  Latvia  and  Lithuania  were               
deported to Siberia. By 1945 the Baltic States had lost one fifth               
of their population.                                                            
     Now  Estonia,  Latvia  and  Lithuania  have  regained  their               
independence and  have become members of the United Nations. This               
took place at a time when the world resolutely revised the course               
of history  " many  nations became  free of  totalitarianism  and               
regulated their  mutual relations.  The official apologies of the               
leaders of  Germany and  Japan to  the nations  who had  suffered               
because of  their activities  during World  War II  were a  great               
contribution to  that. We only have to admit with regret that the               
successor of the Soviet Union " Russia, who was among the winners               
at the  end of  the World  War II  has done  it  only  partially.               
Therefore we  consider it necessary to remind once again that the               
collusion of  Stalin and Hitler of August 23, 1939 determined the               
disappearance of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from the political               
map of  the world. Russia's public condemnation of the aggression               
and occupation  of the  Baltic States by the Soviet Union in 1940               
would noticeably  improve the relations between the Baltic States               
and Russia.                                                                     
     The armed  forces of  the successor  of the  state that  had               
occupied the  Baltic States left by August 31, 1994. Regrettably,               
violating the  conditions of  the  agreements  with  Estonia  and               
Latvia, Russia  has left  thousands of retired military personnel               
     These are  the reasons why the Baltic Assembly expresses its               
full support  to the  decision by the three Baltic Presidents and               
the President  of Poland,  not to  attend the  celebration of the               
50th anniversary of the victory of the USSR in Europe.                          
     Estonia, Latvia  and Lithuania,  as the  states who in World               
War II  lost their  independence for  half a century, consider it               
necessary to declare that the year 1995 should become the year of               
the true  end of  World War  II: the  winners of  the war  should               
honestly observe the obligations they have taken upon themselves,               
while those  who  have  committed  crimes  and  injustice  should               
apologize to their victims.                                                     
Deputy Chairman of    Chairman            Deputy Chairman of                    
the Presidium of      of the Presidium    the Presidium of                      
the Baltic Assembly   of the Baltic       the Baltic                            
                      Assembly            Assembly                              
Arnold Riuitel         Maris Budovskis     Egidijus Bičkauskas                  
Republic of Estonia   Republic            of Republic of                        
                      Latvia              Lithuania                             
Ryga, April 22, 1995