CONCERNING SERGEI KOVALIOV'S CANDIDACY                             
                    FOR THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE                                   
     Appraising the  merits of Sergei Kovaliov in defending basic               
human  rights   in  Chechnya,   the  Baltic   Assembly   supports               
initiatives to  nominate Sergei Kovaliov for the 1995 Nobel Peace               
Deputy Chairman of    Chairman            Deputy Chairman of                    
the Presidium of      of the Presidium    the Presidium of                      
the Baltic Assembly   of the Baltic       the Baltic                            
                      Assembly            Assembly                              
Arnold Riuitel        Maris Budovskis     Egidijus Bičkauskas                   
Republic of Estonia   Republic            of Republic of                        
                      Latvia              Lithuania                             
Ryga, April 22, 1995