ON THE HARMONIZATION OF BORDER PROCEDURES                           
                      IN THE BALTIC STATES                                      
     The common  economic, political and security interests (both               
domestic  and  external)  of  the  Baltic  States  are  based  on               
integration into  the European  Union, the economic and political               
system of  the Nordic Countries and stable economic and political               
relations with the CIS countries.                                               
     Successful implementation  of these interests depends on the               
effectiveness of the joint state border control system.                         
     In its May 15, 1994 Resolution, the Baltic Assembly proposed               
the  Baltic  Council  of  Ministers  to  take  measures  for  the               
fundamental improvement of border crossing procedures, and in its               
November 13,  1994 Resolution recommended that the Baltic Council               
of Ministers  adopt regulations  in order to simplify and quicken               
the procedure  for crossing  the borders  and to ensure increased               
transit capacity at the border crossing points.                                 
     In order  to ensure the implementation of these measures, it               
is necessary  to develop  a harmonized joint state border control               
system  in   the  Baltic  States,  which  should  be  technically               
implemented by  a computer  network. For security considerations,               
this  network   should  be   based  on  a  state-controlled  data               
transmission system. Its practical implementation should begin on               
state  borders,  gradually  including  borderguard  headquarters,               
immigration  (police),   customs,  the  environmental  protection               
agencies,  health   care  authorities,   transport  and   carrier               
registration agencies and their data bases.                                     
     The  Baltic   Assembly  recommends  the  Baltic  Council  of               
Ministers to:                                                                   
     1)   work out  the concept  of a  joint state border control               
system based  on the  regulations for  the establishment  of  the               
Baltic Customs Union;                                                           
     2)   harmonize  cargo   transit  regulations,   as  well  as               
regulations  concerning   the  use  of  roads  and  the  over-all               
dimensions and  weight compatibility of cargo to the standards of               
the European Union;                                                             
     3)   establish procedures  for  the  mutual  recognition  of               
customs  seals   and  documents   to  enable  automatic  document               
     4)   develop  a  uniform  methodology  to  eliminate  fraud,               
including risk  analysis in  documents related to border crossing               
by using modern data processing in the computer network;                        
     5)   introduce the electronic declaration of import cargoes,               
including declaration of cargoes prior to sending;                              
     6)   in order  to implement  the above  measures, set  up  a               
working group  for the  development of  the  above  concepts  and               
projects   and   for   the   supervision   of   their   technical               
Deputy Chairman of    Chairman            Deputy Chairman of                    
the Presidium of      of the Presidium    the Presidium of                      
the Baltic Assembly   of the Baltic       the Baltic                            
                      Assembly            Assembly                              
Arnold Riuitel        Maris Budovskis     Egidijus Bičkauskas                   
Republic of Estonia   Republic            of Republic of                        
                      Latvia              Lithuania                             
Ryga, April 22, 1995