OF MEDICINES                                          
     The Baltic States purchase, manufacture and register a large               
number of various medicines and spend a lot of time and resources               
for their checking and registration.                                            
     According to  the obligatory  list of  medicines approved in               
conformity with  the  recommendations  of  the  WHO,  the  Baltic               
Assembly recommends that the Baltic Council of Ministers:                       
     1.   Examine the relevant institutions registering medicines               
whose  aim   is  to  protect  the  population  from  the  use  of               
ineffective and  unsafe medicines  with a  view to  making  these               
institutions more effective.                                                    
     The  registration   of  medicines   in  Estonia,  Latvia  or               
Lithuania should  be recognized  in all  three Baltic  States and               
should  become   valid  upon   the  payment  of  the  appropriate               
registration fee.                                                               
     2.   Examine  the   possibility   of   establishing   common               
principles of  compensation for  prices of  medicines in Estonia,               
Latvia and Lithuania.                                                           
     3.   Examine the  possibility of  using the uniform European               
Pharmacopoeia in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.                                 
Deputy Chairman of    Chairman            Deputy Chairman of                    
the Presidium of      of the Presidium    the Presidium of                      
the Baltic Assembly   of the Baltic       the Baltic                            
                      Assembly            Assembly                              
Arnold Riuitel        Maris Budovskis     Egidijus Bičkauskas                   
Republic of Estonia   Republic            of Republic of                        
                      Latvia              Lithuania                             
Ryga, April 22, 1995