THE EUROPEAN UNION                                       
     The Baltic Assembly,                                                       
noting the  expansion of  the  European  Union  so  that  it  now               
includes three regional neighbors of the Baltic States " Denmark,               
Sweden and Finland;                                                             
     aware that  Associate Status agreements have been initialled               
between the Baltic States and the European Union;                               
     recommends that  the Baltic Council of Ministers develop and               
extend the  work of  the European  Union Integration Units within               
the government structures of each State including:                              
     "the harmonization of the laws of the Baltic States to those               
of the European Union.                                                          
     "liaison and  co-ordination  of  actions  among  the  Baltic               
States in relation to the European Union.                                       
Deputy Chairman of    Chairman            Deputy Chairman of                    
the Presidium of      of the Presidium    the Presidium of                      
the Baltic Assembly   of the Baltic       the Baltic                            
                      Assembly            Assembly                              
Arnold Riuitel        Maris Budovskis     Egidijus Bičkauskas                   
Republic of Estonia   Republic            of Republic of                        
                      Latvia              Lithuania                             
Ryga, April 22, 1995