R E S O L U T I O N                                      
                           4 May 1995                                           
     Concerning the  50th Anniversary of the Victory of the Anti-               
Nazi  Coalition Over Fascism                                                    
     World War  2 was  staged by  the two  European  totalitarian               
regimes --Hitler's  regime in  Germany and Stalin's regime in the               
Soviet Union.  They both  divided the world into their spheres of               
influence and were scheming secretly how to destroy  one another.               
The spirit  of   Munich conspiracy enabled these regimes  to gain               
strength without hindrance and destroy  weaker nations and states               
until   WW2    broke  out,  embracing  democratic  West  European               
countries, too. Anti- Nazi coalition, which was formed during the               
tragic  events of the war,  defeated the Nazi Germany, however it               
was this  coalition that  enabled the  Stalinist USSR to keep the               
Baltic States  under    occupation  and to determine the faith of               
Central European countries.                                                     
     On 8  May, many  countries shall commemorate the  victory of               
the anti-Nazi coalition  over Fascism and the 50th anniversary of               
the end  of WW2 in Europe. This horrible war devastated Lithuania               
as well.  Many peaceful  civilians   perished   in  our country ,               
many soldiers  who fought  on both  sides  and  served  different               
ideals became their  victims.                                                   
     Over a  hundred thousand  Lithuania's people participated in               
the struggle of the world's nations against Fascism. Many of them               
were fighting  in the armed forces of the anti-Nazi coalition and               
were killed in action.  Alongside with many  other states, we pay               
homage  to those who participated and perished in this struggle.                
     Sons and  daughters of different  nations who became victims               
of WW2  lie in  the  Lithuanian  soil.  Thus,the  Seimas  of  the               
Republic  of   Lithuania  invites  the  people  of  Lithuania  to               
commemorate and  pay homage to our compatriots who fought against               
Fascism and to all victims of the war.                                          
Speaker of the Seimas                                                           
of the Republic of Lithuania            Česlovas Juršėnas