CONSTITUTIONAL ACT                                       
          ON NONALIGNEMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA                         
                TO POST-SOVIET EASTERN ALLIANCES                                
     The Supreme  Council of  the Republic  of Lithuania,  basing               
itself on  the 16  February 1918  and 11  March 1991  Acts on the               
Restoration of   the  Independent State  of Lithuania  and on the               
will  of the  entire nation  as expressed on 9 February 1991, and               
seeing the  attempts to  preserve   any semblance  of the  former               
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with all of its conquests, as               
well as  the intentions  to include  Lithuania into  the defence,               
economic, financial,  and  other  "domains"  of  the  post-Soviet               
Eastern bloc, resolves:                                                         
     1. To   develop  mutually   advantageous   relations    with               
every state which  was formerly  a constituent  part of the USSR,               
but to  never and   in  no way  join any new political, military,               
economic or any other  state alliances or commonwealths formed on               
the basis of the former USSR.                                                   
     2. That  activities which  seek  to  involve  the  State  of               
Lithuania into  state alliances  or commonwealths as specified in               
Article 1 of this Constitutional Act shall be considered  hostile               
to the  independence of  Lithuania and  shall incur  liability in               
accordance with the law.                                                        
     3. That   no  military bases  or army  units of  Russia, the               
Common wealth of  Independent States,  or its  constituent states               
may be located on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.                   
Vytautas Landsbergis                                                            
Supreme Council                                                                 
Republic of Lithuania                                                           
8 June 1992                                                                     
No. I-2622