REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA                                           
                     ON SUPPLEMENTING ARTICLE 47                                
                        OF THE CONSTITUTION                                     
                     OF THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA                               
     Article 1. Supplement of Article 47                                        
      Article 47 of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania               
shall be supplemented with the following Par. 2:                                
     "Local governments (municipalities), other national entities               
as  well as those foreign entities conducting economic activities               
in  Lithuania  which are specified by the constitutional  law  in               
compliance  with  the  criteria  of  European  and  Transatlantic               
integration which the Republic of Lithuania has embarked  on  may               
be  permitted  to  acquire into their ownership  non-agricultural               
land  plots  required  for  the  construction  and  operation  of               
buildings  and facilities necessary for their direct  activities.               
The  land  plot  acquisition procedure, terms and conditions,  as               
well  as  restrictions shall be established by the constitutional               
     Article 2. Renumbering Paragraphs of Article 47                            
      Pars.  2, 3, and 4 of Article 47 of the Constitution  shall               
stand accordingly for pars. 3, 4, and 5.                                        
      I  promulgate this Law passed by the Seimas of the Republic               
of Lithuania.                                                                   
Algirdas Brazauskas                                                             
President of the Republic                                                       
20 June 1996                                                                    
No. I-1390