REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA                                     
              IMPLEMENTATION OF THE TOBACCO CONTROL LAW                         
                     OF THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA                               
      Article  1. Proposals to the Government of the Republic  of               
     1. By September 1, 1996 the Government shall :                             
     1) establish procedure to govern trade and import of tobacco               
products, based on the Law on Tobacco Control;                                  
      2)  establish  principles and conditions  for  issuance  of               
licenses  for  tobacco  growing,  tobacco  products  manufacture,               
import and trade and refusal and revocation thereof, based on the               
Law on Tobacco Control;                                                         
     3) confirm State programme for tobacco control;                            
      4) establish the content of warning inscriptions on tobacco               
product  packages  and  the  procedure  for  renewal  and  design               
      2.  The government shall establish the norms of permissible               
level  of tobacco tar per (1 cigarette) in tobacco products  sold               
in Lithuania:                                                                   
     1) from January 1, 1998, not in excess of 20 mg;                           
     2) from January 1, 2000, not in excess of 15 mg;                           
     3) from January 1, 2007, not to exceed 12 mg.                              
      Article 2. Comming into Effect of Requirements  of  the                   
          Law on Tobacco Control  Relevant to Warning Labels                    
          in Lithuanian on Tobacco Product Packages                             
      Requirements  of  the Law on Tobacco Control,  relevant  to               
warning  labels in Lithuanian on tobacco product packages,  shall               
come into effect on January 1, 1997.                                            
      Article  3. Fulfilment of Functions of National  Health                   
          Council within Sphere of Tobacco Control                              
      The  Government shall carry out functions of  the  National               
Health  Council,  within  the sphere of  tobacco  control,  until               
provisions and structure confirmation of this council.                          
      I  promulgate this Law passed by the Seimas of the Republic               
of Lithuania.                                                                   
Algirdas Brazauskas                                                             
President of the Republic                                                       
January 16, 1996                                                                
No I -1171