S T A T E M E N T                                       
         CONCERNING THE REMOVAL OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS FROM                         
                      THE BALTIC SEA REGION                                     
     The Baltic  Assembly, in continuation and reiteration of the               
16 March  1992 Statement  of the  Council of  the Baltic  States,               
calls once  again "for  the removal  of nuclear  weapons from the               
Baltic Sea  region and  for the  declaration of  this region as a               
nuclear-free zone".                                                             
     The Baltic  Assembly is  of the opinion that this initiative               
should encourage  NATO and  the military  union  of  the  CIS  to               
discuss and assume appropriate mutually-binding obligations - not               
to maintain  nor temporarily  bring any  nuclear weapon  into the               
Baltic Sea region.                                                              
Vilnius, 13 November 1994