A P P E A L                                          
                      TO THE NORDIC COUNCIL                                     
                          POLICIES FOR THE BALTIC STATES                        
     The Baltic  Assembly recalling the Appeal of the 4th Session               
of the  Baltic Assembly  on 15  May 1994  to the  Nordic  Council               
concerning  coordination  of  consular  assistance  policies  and               
     appeals to the Nordic Council to:                                          
     1. Adopt  a visa  regime for the Baltic States which, in the               
first instance,  will allow  citizens of the Baltic States having               
obtained a  visa to  one Nordic  country to  also visit the other               
Nordic countries  for the  remaining period  of validity  of  the               
original visa  without having  to obtain a separate visa for each               
Nordic country.                                                                 
     2. Examine the possibility of:                                             
          a) concluding  visa-free agreements  between the Baltic               
States and  each of the Nordic countries where these have not yet               
been concluded;                                                                 
          b) allowing  citizens of  the Baltic  States to utilize               
the same  simplified border  crossing procedures as now exist for               
citizens of the European Union; and                                             
          c) concluding agreements with the Baltic States for the               
extension of consular assistance to citizens of the Baltic States               
in third  countries where  there is no consular representation of               
the Baltic States.                                                              
Vilnius,13 November 1994