REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA                                     
                ON STATE BENEFITS FOR THE FAMILY                                
     Article 1. The Objective of this Law                                       
     This law  shall regulate  the payment  of state  benefits to               
women and  families with  children from  local government  budget               
     Benefits provided  by this  law shall be payable to citizens               
of the  Republic of  Lithuania as well as to foreign citizens and               
stateless persons  permanently residing  in Lithuania  unless the               
laws of  the Republic  of Lithuania  or international  agreements               
provide otherwise.                                                              
     Article 2. Maternity Allowance                                             
     1. Maternity allowance equalling 0.8 the minimum standard of               
living (MSL)shall  be paid monthly to women who take a leave from               
work and  study at  state institutions  of higher education, high               
schools, specialized  secondary schools,  or vocational  training               
schools, as well as to women who are post-graduates or residents,               
or who  are performing  clinical study or attending qualification               
improvement,  retraining,   or  specialist  training  schools  or               
     2. Maternity  allowance shall be payable to women who take a               
leave from work and are in the process of education, on the basis               
of a  certificate issued  by a medical institution for the period               
established as  maternity leave  in the  Law on  Holidays of  the               
Republic of Lithuania. Women who take a leave from work and study               
shall be granted maternity leave for this period.                               
     3. Maternity  allowance shall  be paid for the entire period               
established for  maternity leave, regardless of the actual number               
of days before delivery.                                                        
     Article 3. Lump-sum Child-birth Benefits                                   
     1. Upon the birth of a child, mothers shall be paid a child-               
birth benefit  equalling 3 times MSL. This shall be paid for each               
child born.  Lump-sum child-birth  benefits shall  not be paid to               
women who do not bring up their children.                                       
     2. Upon  the death  of the  mother, the  deprivation of  her               
maternity rights,  or if  the mother  cannot provide care for her               
child due  to  her  health  or  for  other  serious  reasons  and               
certified by medical findings, a single child-birth benefit shall               
be paid  either to  the father  or the  person who actually takes               
care of the child.                                                              
     Article 4. Child Care Benefits                                             
     1. Child  care benefits  in the  amount of 0.7 MSL per month               
shall be  payable to  women specified  in item  1 of Article 2 of               
this law  until the  child has reached 18 months of age, and 0.35               
MSL per  month for  children between  the ages of 18 months and 3               
years, provided  that state  social  insurance  benefits  in  the               
established amount are not being paid to the child's father.                    
     2. Women  who have  discontinued work  and are  studying, if               
they request,  may be  granted child  care leave  until the child               
reaches 3 years of age.                                                         
     Stipend and  child care  benefit shall  be secured for women               
who continue  to be  in the  process of education until the child               
reaches 3 years of age.                                                         
     3. Child  care benefit  shall be  payable for each child. If               
the child  is being  raised without a mother (upon her death, the               
deprivation of  her maternity  rights, or  if she cannot care for               
her child  due to  her health  or for some other serious reason),               
benefits specified  in items  1 and  2 of  this Article  shall be               
payable to  the child's father if he has discontinued work and is               
in the process of education.                                                    
     Article 5. Social Benefits for Non-working Women with                      
               Children under 3 Years of Age                                    
     1. Social  benefit provided  by the  Law of  the Republic of               
Lithuania on  Income Security  shall be  payable  to  non-working               
mothers of  families with  low income,  or who are singly raising               
children under  3 years  of age  (or if  the child's  father is a               
student, on  pension, unemployed, medically certified as sick, or               
sentenced to  imprisonment). These benefits shall also be payable               
to said  women if  they  are  caring  for  orphans  or  abandoned               
children under 3.                                                               
     2. If a child is being brought up without a mother (upon her               
death, the  deprivation of her maternity rights, or if she cannot               
care for  her child due to medically certified health problems or               
other serious reasons), social benefits shall be paid to the non-               
working father until the child reaches the age of 3.                            
     Article 6. Compensation of Pre-school Education Expenses to                
               Families Bringing up Children at Home                            
     1. Families  bringing up  children of pre-school age at home               
shall be  reimbursed 70 percent of the average state expenses for               
the  education   of  one   child  in  a  pre-school  institution.               
Compensation shall  be payable  for each  18-month-old child  who               
does not  attend a state pre-school institution, either until the               
child begins  attending school or until the child reaches 7 years               
of age.                                                                         
     2. Compensation  of state  expenses  for  the  education  of               
children in  pre-school institutions may be issued by warrants. A               
warrant shall:                                                                  
     be a  financial document issued to each family with children               
of  pre-school   age  which  entitles  them  to  pre-school  care               
guaranteed by  the state, as well as to the purchase of goods for               
children or to cash compensation thereof;                                       
     entitle  parents   to  choose   a   pre-school   institution               
accredited in  the established manner and belonging to either the               
state, private,  cooperative, public  or any  other organization,               
regardless of their place of residence;                                         
     guarantee   the   financing   of   pre-school   institutions               
corresponding to the collected warrants.                                        
     Article 7. Benefits for Adopted Children and Children Placed               
               under Guardianship                                               
     Adopted and orphaned children who are under guardianship, as               
well as  children who  are unattended  by parents shall be paid a               
monthly benefit  equalling 1  MSL. It  shall be  payable for each               
adopted child  or child placed under guardianship until the child               
reaches 16  years of  age (  18 years  of age  for those  who are               
attending school  full-time) as  long as the benefits, alimony or               
pensions the  child is  receiving do  not exceed  1 MSL.  In  the               
latter case,  benefits and  pensions assigned  to the child shall               
not be paid.                                                                    
     Article 8. Settlement Benefit for Orphaned Children and for                
               Children who Lose Parental Care and Maintenance                  
     1. Inmates  of childrens'  homes (domestic childrens' homes)               
as well  as orphaned children and children unattended by parents,               
including children  placed under  guardianship  or  custody,  who               
attend secondary  schools of  general  education,  all  types  of               
boarding  schools,  vocational  training  schools,  colleges,  or               
institutions  of   h3igher  education,   shall,   upon   starting               
independent life  (when state maintenance and other assistance is               
not provided) be paid a benefit equalling 12 MSL.                               
     2. Sums  of benefits  shall be  transferred to  the personal               
bank accounts of orphans and children unattended by parents.                    
     Article 9. Benefits for Single Mothers                                     
     1. A  monthly benefit  equalling 0.4 MSL shall be payable to               
single mothers for the care and education of their children.                    
     2. Such  benefits shall be payable monthly to single mothers               
until the  child reaches 16 years of age ( 18 years of age if the               
child attends school).                                                          
     Article 10. Responsibility for the Accuracy of Statements                  
               Requisite for the Assignment of Benefits                         
     Persons who knowingly furnish fraudulent statements and as a               
result have  been  paid  benefits  unlawfully,  shall  be  liable               
according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.                             
     If statements have been concealed or furnished fraudulently,               
overpaid sums  of benefits and a penalty equalling 300 percent of               
the overpaid  benefit shall  be recovered  in court  by the local               
government and  shall be  transferred  to  the  local  government               
Supreme Council                                                                 
Republic of Lithuania                                                           
11 June, 1991