CONSTITUTIONAL LAW                                      
                     ON THE LITHUANIAN STATE                                    
     The Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania,                          
     in light  of  the  fact  that  during  the  population  poll               
(plebiscite) held  on 9  February 1990 more than three fourths of               
Lithuania's  electorate   by  secret   ballot  approved   of  the               
Lithuanian state being an independent democratic republic,                      
     emphasising that  by way  of exercising its sovereign powers               
and expressing  its will, the people of Lithuania have once again               
confirmed their unchanging stand on the issue of the independence               
of the Lithuanian state,                                                        
     interpreting the results of the plebiscite as the nationwide               
determination  to  strengthen  and  defend  the  independence  of               
Lithuania and to create a democratic republic, and                              
     exercising the will of the people of Lithuania,                            
     adopts and solemnly proclaims this Law.                                    
     Article 1. The statement                                                   
     "The  State   of  Lithuania  is  an  independent  democratic               
Republic" is  a constitutional  norm of the Republic of Lithuania               
and a fundamental principle of the state.                                       
     Article 2.  The  constitutional  norm  and  the  fundamental               
principle of  the state,  specified in Article 1 of this Law, may               
be amended  exclusively by  a population poll (plebiscite), if no               
less than  three fourths of Lithuania's electorate vote in favour               
of the amendment.                                                               
Vytautas Landsbergis                                                            
Supreme Council                                                                 
Republic of Lithuania                                                           
11 February 1991                                                                
No. I-1051