About TIC
About Legal Information Center and our services


Legal Information Center,
Gedimino Ave. 30 / 1, 2695 Vilnius
Tel.: (3702)-615282, fax.: (3702)-621523
E-mail: tic@tic.lt

Legal Information Center (TIC) at the Ministry of Justice originaly was established as non-profit organization in 1993. Since 16 of July , 1997 it was reorganized to State enterprise Legal Information Center.

Our major activities include publishing of juridical literature - Constitution, Code, etc., maintenance and distribution of legal databases

Since 1 of January, 1996, Legal Information Center is the superintendent of law and legal acts Register in the Republic of Lithuania. Both the Register and Legal Information Retrieval System LITLEX-Internet can be found at our server www.litlex.lt. Lawyers will find lots of useful information (phones, faxes, addresses, etc.) exploring our site - www.litlex.lt.




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