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What's New On Our Server ?

Major changes, sorted by date; most recent are on top:

Completely changed structure of our site.
WWW pages are adjusted to use frames. Registered users are able to change their passwords now.
Your comments ant notes are very welcome.
A New Page - Commercial Law Center.
A New Page - Notary Palace of Republic of Lithuania.
A New Page - Law firm "Lideika, Petrauskas, Valiūnas and Partners".
A New Page - How to find relatives in Lithuania?.
Links to miscellaneous related information sources in Internet.
Launched new service - free legal consultations by e-mail.
All you have to do is write a letter explaining your problem and send to the given address. All your correspondence will be sorted and re-routed to law firms or private attorneys.
Note: these legal consultations are provided on Lithuanian laws exclusively.
Launched new LITLEX-INTERNET version.
New: analysis of unsuccessful queries. Now it is implemented in queries with words only.
Corrected bug in queries with exact date. Lots of small changes.
A New Page - The Catalogue of Law Firms in Lithuania.
Links to WWW pages of Law Firms in Lithuania. If you run a law firm and would be pleased to have a WWW page, please don't hesitate to mail us or call (+370-2) 615-282.
Omnitel users should enjoy considerably improved link.
The link with our clients using OMNITEL is now provided through leased line between Center of Legal Information and
OMNITEL. If you are OMNITEL user and still have problems connecting our server, please mail us or call (+370-2) 615-282.
Another New Page - "What's New On Our Server". (By the way, you are currently reading it).
This page will contain information about any changes in our server since 12.11.96 - any new page will be advertised here.You will be able to find links to these new pages here.
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