REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA                                     
                         LAW ON HOLIDAYS                                        
                            Chapter 1                                           
                       General Provisions                                       
     Article 1. Objective of the Law                                            
     This Law  shall establish  types of  holidays,  as  well  as               
the minimum  duration,  and  the  procedure  and  conditions  for               
granting and remunerating for holidays.                                         
     Article 2.  The Right to Holidays, Specific Ways of Granting               
     Citizens of   the  Republic   of Lithuania    working  under               
employment contract  or   on  the  basis  of  partnership  at  an               
enterprise, institution  or organization   (hereinafter  referred               
to    as  "enterprise") on  the  territory  of  Lithuania as well               
as  at enterprises beyond  the boundaries  of Lithuania which are               
under the jurisdiction of the  Republic of Lithuania,  regardless               
of their type of ownership, shall be entitled to holidays.                      
     The right   to  holidays, as  well   as specific    ways  of               
granting holidays  to  soldiers of  the national defence service,               
employees of  the   internal affairs  system, and militarized and               
other groups shall be established by appropriate standard acts of               
the Republic of Lithuania.                                                      
     Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship working  at               
enterprises specified  in the   first part of this  Article shall               
have the   same  right to holidays as citizens of the Republic of               
Lithuania unless  otherwise  provided  in  interstate  agreements               
     Article 3. Types of Holidays                                               
     Holidays shall be annual and purposive.                                    
                            Chapter 2                                           
                       The Annual Holiday                                       
     Article 4. The Concept of the Annual Holiday                               
     The  annual  holiday  shall  be  calendar  days  granted  to               
employees so  that they  are able to rest and renew their ability               
to work while leaving the  work place  (post) and  being paid  an               
average wage.  Public holidays  declared as days off shall not be               
considered part of the holiday.                                                 
     Article 5. Types of Annual Holidays                                        
     Annual holidays shall be:                                                  
minimal; or extended.                                                           
     Article 6. Duration of the Minimal Annual Holiday                          
     The duration   of  the   minimal annual  holiday shall be 28               
calendar days.                                                                  
     For employees   under  18   years of   age and invalids - 35               
calendar days.                                                                  
     Holidays shall   not  be   curtailed for  persons who do not               
work for the full working day or week.                                          
     Article 7. Extended Annual Holidays                                        
     Holidays extended to 58 days shall  be granted  to employees               
of certain  categories whose  work  is  associated  with  greater               
nervous, emotional,  or   mental strain  or professional risk, as               
well as to those who have specific working conditions.                          
     The list   of categories  of employees  who are  entitled to               
such holidays  shall be  approved, and  the concrete  duration of               
holidays for  each enumerated  category  of  employees  shall  be               
established by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.                     
     Article 8. The Procedure for Granting of Annual Holidays                   
     Holidays for  the first  working year shall be granted after               
six months  of uninterrupted  work in the enterprise but no later               
than  the   end  of   the  working   year.  When  the  length  of               
uninterrupted work  is less  than six  months, holidays  shall be               
granted to  women, upon  their  request, either  before maternity               
leave or  directly after it.                                                    
     During the  first school  year,  pedagogues  of  educational               
institutions beginning  work in  educational institutions  may be               
granted  holidays  during  the  summer  vacation  of  pupils  and               
     Holidays for  the working  years after the first  year shall               
be granted  at   any time   during the  working year according to               
the succession  of   granting holidays,  the  procedure  for  the               
formation  of   which  shall   be  established  in  a  collective               
agreement, and in institutions where  such a collective agreement               
is not concluded, the succession  of granting  holidays shall  be               
established by an agreement of the parties.                                     
     Article 9.  The Right to Choose the Time of the  Annual                    
     The following   persons  shall have  the right to choose the               
time of the annual holiday after six months of uninterrupted work               
at that enterprise: persons under 18 years of age; and                          
     pregnant women and women  who have  a child  (children)  who               
is either under 14 years of age or disabled.                                    
     Upon their  request, men   whose wives are granted maternity               
leave shall  be granted  holidays during the wife's holiday. Upon               
their request,  employees  attending  treatment  in  sanatoriums,               
other health  institutions as  well as vacation homes with family               
vouchers shall  be granted  holidays for  the period indicated on               
the voucher.  Employees who  wish to  be granted holidays for the               
period indicated  on a family voucher must inform the employer of               
this at least 30 calendar days in advance.                                      
     Employees who   nurse  patients   and invalids  and who have               
medical recommendation shall be granted holidays at the requested               
     Employees  suffering   from  chronic   diseases,  the  acute               
conditions of  which   are dependent  on the  season of the year,               
and who have medical deductions  shall be granted holidays at the               
requested time upon agreement between the parties.                              
     Upon their  request, studying persons who do not discontinue               
work  shall   have  their   holidays   coordinated   with   their               
examinations,  tests,   graduation  thesis   defence,  laboratory               
work, and consultations.                                                        
     Article 10.  Cases for  the Extension  or Movement of Annual               
     Holidays shall   be  granted  during  the  established  time               
each working  year. Holiday  time may  be moved upon agreement of               
the parties.  It shall   be  not   counted as   holiday time  and               
holidays shall be extended when:                                                
     an employee is temporary incapable for work;                               
     an employee  acquires  the  right  to  a  purposive  holiday               
established in  Articles 18  and 23 of this Law during the period               
of the annual holiday;                                                          
     an employee participates in the elimination of after-effects               
of a  natural calamity or accident, regardless of the manner that               
he or  she falls  into such a job, as well as when an employee is               
called to  carry   out state  duties established  by laws  of the               
Republic of Lithuania.                                                          
     When holidays  are extended, remuneration for them shall not               
be recounted.                                                                   
     Article 11. Granting Annual Holidays in Parts                              
     Holidays shall  be granted  in parts  upon agreement  of the               
parties. One  of the holiday periods must be at least 14 calendar               
     Article 12. Recalling from Annual Holidays                                 
     Recalling from   holidays  shall only  be allowed  upon  the               
agreement of the employee.                                                      
     The remainder   of  the   holiday must  either be granted at               
another time during  the working  year or be added to the holiday               
time of  the next   working  year in the procedure established in               
Article 11 of this Law.                                                         
     Article 13.  Periods Included  in the Length of Service, for               
               which the Annual Holiday is Granted                              
     The following  shall be included in  the length  of service,               
for which holidays are granted: actual working hours;                           
     the time   when,  according to  law, a  working place (post)               
and either  part or  all of  the  wage  are  being  kept  for  an               
employee, as  well as  when a grant or other payments are paid to               
him or her;                                                                     
     the  time    when  an  employee  is  receiving  sickness  or               
maternity allowances;                                                           
     holidays without pay up to 14 calendar days;                               
     holidays without   pay  up  to 30  days for invalids as well               
as for parents, guardians, and trustees who nurse an invalid (the               
second part of Article 25 of this Law);                                         
     the time   of  enforced  idleness  for  employees  who  have               
been restored to their former jobs;                                             
     the time of official strike;                                               
     the time  of training  for a  new profession of persons  who               
are  dismissed   from  their   job  due  to  staff  reduction  or               
liquidation of an enterprise; and                                               
     other periods established by laws.                                         
     Article  14. Granting  of   Unused  Annual  Holidays  upon                 
               Dismissal from Work                                              
     When dismissing  an employee  from job (except for the cases               
when an  employee   is dismissed   through his  own  fault),  the               
unused holiday,  upon  his request  shall be  granted moving  the               
date of  dismissal. In  this case  the date of dismissal from job               
shall be the day following the day on which holidays end.                       
          Article 15. Remuneration for Annual Holidays                          
     An employee   shall  be   guaranteed an average wage for the               
holiday period.                                                                 
     The   procedure    for   calculating     the   average  wage               
shall   be established  by the  Government  of  the  Republic  of               
     Wages for   holidays  shall   be paid   no later  than three               
calendar days before the holiday begins.                                        
     If an  employee, through  no fault of his or her own, is not               
paid at  the   set time,   his or  her holidays shall be extended               
for the  same number  of days  that the wage was delayed for, and               
shall be paid for the time as for holidays.                                     
     Article 16. Monetary Compensation for Unused Annual Holidays               
     The substitution   of  monetary  compensation  for  holidays               
shall not  be permitted.   When  an employee  cannot  be  granted               
holidays due  to a  termination  of labour  relations or  when an               
employee does  not want  holiday time,  he or  she shall  receive               
monetary compensation.                                                          
                            Chapter 3                                           
                       Purposive Holidays                                       
          Article 17. Types of Purposive Holidays                               
Purposive holidays shall be:                                                    
     maternity leave;                                                           
     child care leave;                                                          
     study holidays; and                                                        
     holidays without pay.                                                      
          Article 18. Maternity Leave                                           
     Women shall  be granted  maternity leave  for the period  of               
70 calendar  days before childbirth and 56 calendar days after it               
(in the  event   of complicated   childbirth  or  birth of two or               
more children  - 70  calendar days).  Maternity  leave  shall  be               
calculated for  the   period and   granted to  the woman in full,               
regardless  of   the  number   of  days   actually  used   before               
childbirth.  Benefits established by  the Law  of the Republic of               
Lithuania on   State  Social Insurance   shall  be paid  for  the               
length of the maternity leave.                                                  
     Article 19. Child Care Leave for Children up to Three Years                
               of Age                                                           
          Upon her   request,  a   mother shall  be granted child               
care  leave until the child reaches three years of age.                         
     Upon the  family's decision,  leave shall  be granted to the               
father, grandmother,  grandfather   or other   relatives  of  the               
child who  is actually  bringing up the child. Leave may be taken               
either in full or in  parts, and  persons entitled to this  leave               
may alternate turns.                                                            
     Benefits established  by the  State shall  be paid  for  the               
period of  leave, and  the working place (post) shall be kept for               
the person, except in the event that the enterprise is completely               
     Article 20. Additional Unpaid Holidays for Child Care                      
     Upon the  request of  mothers who  are bringing  up children               
under 14  years of   age,  annual   unpaid holidays   of up to 14               
calendar days  shall be   granted  at   a time coordinated by the               
parties.  Mothers bringing up  disabled children  under 16  years               
of   age shall  be granted annual  unpaid holidays  for up  to 30               
calendar days at a time coordinated by the parties.                             
     Article 21. Holidays for Persons Adopting Children                         
     Persons who   adopt  new-born  babies and guardians who take               
babies under  their care  shall be  granted holidays for a period               
beginning on the  day that  the child  is adopted  or taken  into               
care   and ending  when the  baby reaches  70 days  of age. These               
holidays shall  be paid  for as established in Article 18 of this               
Law. They  shall also  be  granted holidays  provided in Articles               
19 and 20 of this Law.                                                          
     Article 22.  Holidays for Fathers and Other Persons Bringing               
               up Children without the Mother                                   
     On the   recommendation  of   the bodies  of Social Care and               
Welfare, fathers  or   guardians bringing up children without the               
mother (if she dies,  is deprived of maternity rights, is unable,               
due to  the condition  of  her  health    and  having  a  medical               
inference, to  care for  the   child, or  in other cases when the               
mother is  not able  to take care  of the  child) shall  have the               
right to   holidays and guarantees provided in Articles 9, 19, 20               
and 21 of this Law.                                                             
     Article 23. Study Holidays                                                 
     Employees shall   be granted  holidays to  prepare  for  and               
take entrance  examinations   to  colleges  and  institutions  of               
higher education - three days for each examination. Employees who               
successfully    study    in  educational  institutions  shall  be               
granted  study     holidays   according  to   the   certificates-               
invitations of these institutions:                                              
     to prepare  and take  regular examinations  - three days for               
each examination;                                                               
     to prepare and take tests - two days for each test;                        
     to perform   laboratory  work   and consultations  - as many               
days as provided in educational projects and schedules;                         
     to finish  and defend  graduation theses  - thirty  calendar               
     to  prepare  and  take  state  examinations  (including  the               
examination for  general   education secondary    school  leaving               
certificates) - six days for each examination.                                  
     Time spent  in transit  shall not  be counted as part of the               
holiday period.                                                                 
     Article 24.  Conditions of Remuneration for Holidays Granted               
               to Studying Persons who do not Discontinue Work                  
     Employees specified   in  Article   23 of  this Law  who are               
taking entrance  examinations  for colleges  and institutions  of               
higher education  with  directives of  enterprises shall  be paid               
no less  than the  average wage  by  these  enterprises  for  the               
granted holidays.                                                               
     The issue  of remuneration  for the  period of  studies  for               
employees who  take  entrance examinations and study on their own               
initiative shall  be settled  in the collective agreement or upon               
agreement of the parties.                                                       
     Article 25.  Unpaid Holidays  due to  Domestic Circumstances               
               and Other Important Reasons                                      
     Unpaid holidays  due to  domestic  circumstances  and  other               
important reasons shall be granted  in the  procedure established               
in   the collective  agreements or upon agreement of the parties.               
Upon the  request of  invalids, as  well as parents and guardians               
who nurse  an invalid  who, by the decision of the commission for               
the establishment  of  invalidity,  requires  permanent  nursing,               
annual unpaid  holidays shall  be granted  for up  to 30 calendar               
days at a time coordinated by the parties.                                      
                            Chapter 4                                           
                        Final Provisions                                        
     Article 26. The Right to Establish Guarantees for Additional               
     Collective   agreements   and   employment   contracts   may               
establish holidays   of   longer  duration  and  other  types  of               
holidays, additional  privileges    to  choose    the  time    of               
holidays,   and may  provide larger remunerations than guaranteed               
by this Law.                                                                    
          Article 27. The Settlement of Disputes                                
     Disputes arising   while  applying this Law shall be settled               
in  the  procedure  established  for  the  settlement  of  labour               
     Article 28. Control of the Observance of this Law                          
     The observance   of  this   Law shall  be controlled  by the               
State Labour Inspectorate.                                                      
     Article 29. Amenability for the Violation of this Law                      
     Losses which  arise from  the  violation  of  this Law  must               
be recovered by the guilty party.                                               
     In   cases    provided   by   laws   of   the   Republic  of               
Lithuania,    disciplinary,     administrative    or     criminal               
responsibility shall be applied for violations of this Law.                     
VYTAUTAS LANDSBERGIS                                                            
Supreme Council                                                                 
Republic of Lithuania                                                           
17 December 1991